Site Clean-ups and Soil Removal in Melbourne

Greentree Bobcat Tipper & Trailor Hire offers efficient site clean-ups and soil removal services.

We have over 10 years experience in the excavation and earthmoving industry throughout Melbourne.

 Site Clean-ups and Soil Removal Melbourne

Construction Site Clean-ups

Greentree Bobcat Tipper & Trailor Hire provides standard site clean-ups for pre-construction, as well as post-construction sites. We have the proper equipment for a range of heavy lifting and cleaning works.

We provide clean-up services for both residential property and commercial building, including the removal of excess wood, metal and surplus building materials. Our activities also include the cleaning-up of your raw piece of land for construction.

Providing reliable and on time clean-up services

Soil Removal Services

Greentree Bobcat Tipper & Tailor Hire offers expert soil, dirt and rock removal to get you started on any kind of construction project. With us in charge, your raw piece of land will be transformed into a relaxing outdoor space.

Our soil, dirt and rock removal team takes the full responsibility of collecting all the materials to be evacuated, and then loads them onto our junk removal truck. Be it a large-scale commercial site or a small residential house, call us for your soil removal work.

Offering a range of earthmoving services

Our skid-steer and Tipper Truck Hire are Excellent For:

  • Loading & unloading building materials
  • Earthmoving works
  • Excavation works
  • General works on a construction site

Let the experts handle all your land development work